Friday, May 2, 2008

Favorite Marketing Links

It's Friday (finally!) and that means it's time to share some of our favorite blog posts from this week.

I loved this post on the PSFK blog about the New York store, Steve and Barry's, which is selling quite fashionable clothing at prices even Walmart can’t compete with. For example, dresses for $8.98. Yes, under $10! The clothes are designed (and even worn) by fashionistas such as Sarah Jessica Parker. How can they do it? They keep overhead to a minimum and are not advertising at all. Well, at these prices, and if the quality and chic-level is as high as promised, they don't have to advertise. You know I love new and interesting ways to sell things. And, I have a tiny bit of fashionista-wanna-be in me. So, this concept really intrigues me. I'll keep my eye on Steve and Barrys!

From Matt Blumberg's OnlyOnce blog is this post: You Have to Shoot to Score. It talks about how successful entrepreneurial companies need to continually take risks if they want to maintain steady and significant growth. In these crazy economic times, it's often really hard to take risks, especially if that risk involves spending, I mean "investing" money in the business. But he's right. I'm taking this advice to heart.

For all of you out there interested in how to implement blogging at your corporation, take a look at this Marketing Nirvana post: 5 things EMC learnt via Corporate Blogging. Some of the key points: keep blogging real, and write with passion. Yep, we agree!

Chris Brogan started an interesting conversation here today where he solicits comments from bloggers about how they got into blogging, solicits advice for new bloggers and asks bloggers where they'll be going in the next few months. This is one conversation I plan to follow.

And, finally, this post from the Rich Navy Pilot blog brings it all home: What Do Your Customers Really Want? "Its simply that you You Care About Your Customers." Yep, it can truly be that simple. Think about your customer first in every business dealing and you'll win in the end.


Matt said...

Suzanne - thanks so much for the link. The best time to take risks is when times are toughest.


Mark Archer said...


Thanks for the post. Much appreciated.

Mark Archer