Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Direct Marketing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

One thing is clear -- as all five generations alive today continue to age, there will be an unprecedented focus on healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry and how they communicate with their customers. According to a recent post by the Direct Marketing Association, Cegedim Dendrite has just completed their latest Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Industry Check-Up Survey.

And the survey says . . . "the pharmaceutical industry is using technology to build a better and more proactive dialogue with consumers,” says Carl Cohen, president of marketing solutions for Cegedim Dendrite, which provides technology products and services to the global pharmaceutical industry. "According to the annual survey, pharmaceutical companies in 2007 will increase their spending on online activities, such as web sites, search engine marketing, and e-mail."

In addition, "national TV, spot TV, radio, and direct mail will top the list for decreased spending." This is the first article we've seen in a while that speaks of a decrease in direct mail spending -- ruh roh.

According to Cohen, “the continuing growth of online media and technology to build and sustain consumer relationships, coupled with the decline in traditional mass marketing advertising confirms that pharmaceutical companies can use alternative media to match the impact of general advertising more cost effectively and with quicker results. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is using new approaches to help patients comply with taking their prescriptions, which can have a major positive impact on public health.”

This just makes good sense. There is practically nothing more sacred than an individual's relationship with their healthcare provider and those who support those drugs that help them lead a healthier life. And, as privacy concerns continue to arise in this very sensitive area, consumers will want to be communicated with a more "one-to-one" message, directed towards their specific health concerns.

It will be interesting to see how this fast-growing industry continues to communicate with its consumers as time goes on. Of course, we're huge proponents of utilizing a sound direct marketing strategy that encompasses an intelligent approach to communicating with your customers, and ensuring that they receive a message that is extremely relevant to them. It sounds like the pharmaceutical industry is right on target.

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