Friday, September 12, 2008

Direct Marketing Links

Another week has gone by. Where the heck do the days go, anyway? As always, here's a round-up of some of the articles that intrigued me this week.

Small Favors, Big Success
Wow! The research on this post from the Neuromarketing blog intrigued me (and surprised me, too). The author explores how someone is more likely to say 'yes' to doing a favor if they've already performed one small favor first. "The message in all this is clear. Making a small initial request of your targets won’t turn them off. Rather, if it is small enough to be granted by almost everyone, it will make them more likely to respond positively to your ultimate request."

The article cites multiple examples and really got me thinking. I will definitely be testing this concept in some future direct marketing campaign!

Build your Business with LinkedIn
Check out this post from Hit Search. It highlights a video about how one marketing expert is using LinkedIn, and specifically its Q&A feature to gain new clients (as in over $250,000 sales to-date!). I know that I really enjoy reading, asking and answering questions at LinkedIn and find it an awesome resource. Good to know that some folks are also benefiting in the way of new contacts and new contracts.

Domain Name Tips
Loved this podcast from Bob Parsons, CEO of He provides tips on how to choose the best domain names. Some of my favorites: Make sure that the domain is easy to spell...And, avoid numbers and hyphens. Hmmm. Good stuff and a fun video to watch. An excellent use of a short video, by the way, AND it fits right in with GoDaddy's business. I guess this guy does know what he's doing...

Building Your Personal Brand
I loved this post from the Brand Dame blog (excellent name, by the way!). The author, Jill Biden provides some handy advice about using email signatures, your blog, website and social networks to build your personal brand. Small things that most of us forget about, but that can enhance your image on a daily basis.

Honoring 9-11
I know I'm a bit late here, but the advice from the Media Orchard blog resonates whenever you read it. The blog lists 9 ways to honor 9-11. My favorite: "Treat people the way you did in the days immediately after the 9/11 attacks." I can well remember how that horrible event caused us to really be grateful for our friends and family; it caused me to appreciate what I have in my life. These are good things to remember and a heck of a great way to commemorate 9-11.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the last of these summer days :)

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