Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bill Gates is King--even of Direct Marketing...

I promise, this is the LAST post with DMA conference news. You won't hear about the annual direct marketing conference from us until next year.

The Direct Marketing Association this week announced their marketer of the year. Yep, it's Microsoft.

DMA Names Microsoft-MSN 2007 Marketer of the Year

The main reason for MSN's win--their work on the Live Earth concert event (which we also blogged about in July). From the article:

"What made Live Earth so special on July 7, 2007, wasn’t just that MSN provided great content to consumers in a relevant, timely, and informative manner. Live Earth was the largest concert event ever produced — bringing together live music events in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Turkey, the UK, and the US. Live Earth was also the most watched live entertainment event in Internet history. But what really sets it apart is that MSN completed its mission of keeping the public engaged on the network by providing avenues for them to act on that information.

Greco pointed out that, in addition to demonstrating marketing leadership, innovation, and responsibility, DMA Marketer of the Year nominees also needed to display a pattern of consistent contribution to the multichannel marketing profession, as well a high level of competence in one or more disciplines, such as product development, research, marketing, management, education, sales, administration, or technological innovation."

Past winners of this award have included more traditional direct mailers such as Columbia House, Readers Digest, LL Bean and Fingerhut. I tend to applaud the DMA for attempting to expand their definition of DM to include interactive and other multi-channel marketing.

Another win of note, announced just yesterday: Draftfcb's win of the Diamond Echo Award (the highest honor for direct response advertising). They won it on behalf of their non-profit work performed for the Eagle Idaho Volunteer Fire Department. The campaign was titled "Have a Ball or Two" and advertised a charity event benefiting the fire department, the Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed. Enough said...

Overall, the DMA was exhausting, fun and productive for RRW. It was great to connect with clients, business associates and meet some new folks. With that said, it sure is good to be home. Believe me, it will take a full year to recover from Chicago and get ready for next years' show, to be held in Las Vegas.

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