Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Orchestrating Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Just as with other channels of direct marketing, e-mail marketing needs to be orchestrated across all divisions of your company. Said differently, whatever message that you are sending to your valuable customers needs to be consistent no matter who in your company is sending it. Further, if you aren't sending consistent messages to your customers and prospects, you are only creating confusion -- not loyalty or converted sales.

Recently, Jupiter Research and Strong Mail have conducted a study amongst executives that looked at how centralized e-mail marketing campaigns occurred within their companies. The results weren't that astounding -- simply because we've seen this time and again with many companies. As the study found, most e-mail and other direct marketing efforts were not centralized within one division of a company, and in fact, most of the time, many different divisions were responsible for sending out multiple messages to customers (sound familiar?). In fact, in the case of e-mail marketing campaigns, the study reported that 24% of the time, six or more departments were responsible for sending out emails to customers. We can all imagine the repercussions of this. Not good.

While it is important to keep messages consistent for all of channels, it is really important when it comes to e-mail messages. And the answer is pretty obvious -- as as the study states, "E-mail is an embattled communication medium because its dependability and trustworthiness are challenged every day by spam." So, as e-mail becomes a more heavily utilized channel in our direct marketing toolbox, we've got to ensure that the messages that we deliver to our customers are consistent and relevant -- or these campaigns will never deliver the response and conversion rates that we desire.

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