Friday, January 4, 2008

Links we Like!

TGIF--and you know what that means--it's time for RRW's round-up of blog posts and articles we especially enjoyed this week! Since it's still so close to the New Year, we start with two reports of 2008 trends.

1st up: This article from ClickZ: Seven Top Online Marketing Trends for 2008. Some points from the article that we completely agree with: "Social media growth in 2008 will emerge from more targeted offerings that attract users based on interest." "Behavioral targeting will become more widespread and will provide improved customer experiences, offering customers more relevant information to consumers and better targeted ads to marketers."

And, from Channel Web Network, here's their reporting on Data Loss Prevention Trends to Watch in 2008. Privacy and data security are important topics to direct marketers. This is an excellent resource (and kinda scary, too).

I was pleased to come across Mind and Media's Inspire Action Blog, and in particular, this post, Tackling the Demand for Gov't Transparency. It talks about a new bill that will give the media and general public greater access to governmental goings on. Since we appreciate transparency from people we do business with, I like the thought that we may get similar treatment from our own leaders (seems ironic that it's not the other way around).

And, from Todd Ebert's Bad Marketing Blog, we found some practical tips in his B2B New Years Resolutions post. Good stuff!

Finally take a look at these three separate blog discussions on the role of the CMO, all from some of our favorite authors. Ted Grigg wrote "Do Companies Really Want the Ideal Chief Marketing Officer?" Elana Anderson posed a similar question: "What Does (Should) a CMO Do?". And, Ron Shevlin put in his two cents with his "Knuckle-Draggin' CMOs" post.

Have wonderful weekends, all!

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