Friday, January 25, 2008

Some Interesting Links

Let's kick off this Friday's list of links by being totally self-promoting! Nancy and I have created a new website (and we have lofty aspirations for this one!). Check out: It's a site where people can go and ask their burning direct marketing questions. Then, the answers are also summarized quite nicely, here. Our goal is to make this Q&A site a hub for direct marketers, and, again, we'll be adding some more fun content soon.

Another new site worth checking out--Jurie Pieterse (ING Direct) has started a new banking blog, called Banker with balls (gotta love that title). His most recent post is on Wachovia's new saving plan called Way2Save. I can tell that this blog will be a good one! If you dabble in financial services marketing (as we do), I'm sure we'll learn a few things here.

Speaking of financial services, I enjoyed this post from Red Clay Media that talks about how President Bush' $150 billion stimulus may impact families (how much a typical family will receive), but also the impact on mortgage lenders. I don't know a direct marketing company (RRW included) that hasn't been negatively impacted by the sub-prime debacle and the current housing situation. Red Clay Media usually has an interesting spin on the situation, and this post is no different.

And on to another popular Direct Marketing blog--Bob Bly started an interesting discussion this week about marketing in a recession. Lots of good discussion on pricing strategy.

Skinning a similar cat (in regards to how to best spend your marketing budget) was Mack Collier's post: Is $3 Million better spent on top-down, or bottom-up? Here he imagines how to best spend the $3 million that some Super Bowl advertisers are spending for a 30 minute ad. Mack brings his experience and thoughts on using the funds (but not nearly all of them) primarily on social marketing--a very interesting perspective.

Hope you enjoy these links like we did! Have wonderful weekends!


Mack Collier said...

Thanks for the link Suzanne! How would YOU spend the $3 million?

Suzanne Obermire said...

How would I spend the $3 million?

Well, it would definitely be on programs that I could measure. I want to be able to prove that my investment paid off (either in the short or the long-term). After all, who wants to stop at $3 million--I need to show my CFO that marketing is working for him/her so that funds for future programs are guaranteed. Helps with job security, too!

I would use a combination of tried and true strategies that have worked in the past. And, I would compliment those strategies with exploration of some new things. I would recommend testing new channels and perhaps I'd even recommend social marketing, too :)

I would definitely earmark some of this $ for analytical work and research, because I know that this positively impact results.

Overall, my marketing plan would clearly state how each channel/program would be tracked and measured, setting the stage for future success.

So, if anyone has $3 million they need to spend, please just give me a call!