Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Fave Five!

Welcome to our Memorial Day Weekend version of the Friday Blog Log! Get those barbeque's fired up people!

Here are our favorite links of the week:

In honor of the season approaching, here's a great post from the Extreme Horizon Surfing Blog. Author "Northcore" posts many compelling questions about being a true surfer on this blog. In this post, he discusses how to determine if you are a true surfing addict. This is an entertaining blog and a good one to get us all ready for Sum-Sum-Summertime!

Next, we'd like to feature the Diva Marketing Blog. In this post, our favorite Diva interviews Richard Binhammer on how Dell has integrated Social Media into its marketing plan. Binhammer provides some great insight on how a large corporation is utilizing social media successfully to have more meaningful conversations with it's customers. Great interview and lots of thought-provoking insight!

Our buddy, Robert Rosenthal, featured a very compelling post on Freaking Marketing. Entitled "The Downturn May Not Be the Only Thing Keeping You Down," Robert discusses how many marketing groups are run by dictatorial know-it-alls who refuse to move from the old, stale ideas to try the new, fresh ideas that are more relevant today. Not only does this post really make you re-think the economic slowdown, the commentary from the many commenters is really interesting. Take a look -- we know you'll enjoy the idea exchange!

On the opposite side of the table, you have the Marketo Blog, where blogger Jon Miller talks to Susanne Lyons, a CMO who has over 25 years of experience with companies like Visa and Charles Schwab. Miller interviews Lyons on a podcast on how she has built power and respect through marketing accountability over her career. Here is an example of where those truly forward-thinking marketers continue to make a difference by embracing those fresh ideas that are relevant today.

Finally, in my own self interest, today is my twin-pug-brothers 3rd birthday. And, doggone it, I wanted to share that with all of you. Here's a picture of Willy and Woody -- the 2 little monsters in my life. Happy Birthday Boys!

Have a great three day weekend, all!


Robert Rosenthal said...

Thanks for saying those incredibly nice things about my Freaking Marketing post. I didn't expect it to turn into a political discussion, but hey, that's what happens on blogs.

Nancy Arter said...

Exactly. And that's why we're bloggers! Great work once again. Happy Memorial Day! : )

Toby said...

Nancy - Thanks for the shout out. Richardatdell has been so generous sharing insights about Dell's social media strategy .. and allowing us to learn from his experiences.

Happy birthday to Willy and Woody .. and Max sends woofs!

Nancy Arter said...

Hey thanks Toby! It's just wonderful that Richard has shared these insights. It's for the good of all of us!

And W&W send woofs back to Max!