Thursday, July 10, 2008

Direct Marketing Links

Saying No to the Boss
So happy to find Susan Willett Bird's blog about interesting conversations. This post gives some good advice, especially if you are a Type A overachiever who can't turn down a project. You know the type--the one who thinks that the only way something will get done correctly is if she does it herself (yikes--I resemble that remark!). Interesting read.

A Freelancer's Survival Guide
From Forbes, check out this freelancers guide. In this economy, more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs (at least temporarily). The article provides some great and quite practical tips on how to be a successful freelancer.

Corporate blogging's mixed bag
If you're considering starting a blog or if you're simply interested in what a blog may be worth to a corporation, this Viral Garden post is a must-read. Is it any surprise that many large companies don't understand that a blog is NOT simply an extension of their website--that it's not simply an arena to advertise their stuff?

Direct Marketing in India
I'm kinda proud of the small conversation we started in our very own Ask Direct Marketers blog about the state of Direct Marketing in India. The contribution by one of the leading marketers from India, Nishad Ramachandran, really is what makes this post worth reading. I just love how the internet and blogging in particular has shrunk this world. Who knew that I would be having discussions with thought leaders from India. How cool is that???

The direct mail envelope quandary: plain or bold?
Sticking with the direct marketing theme, I enjoyed this article from the Direct Creative Blog. It helps answer the question of what type of envelope direct mailers should use. (The answer in a nutshell--test both plain or bold, but plain typically outperforms bold.) Good stuff!

Have wonderful weekends, all!

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