Friday, September 21, 2007

New Direct Marketing Resource

We've long used NextMark as part of our tool-kit. NextMark offers a service to search for mailing or e-mail lists. They compile a directory of just about any database that's out there and up for sale. You can get datacards with pricing and universe counts right off their service. The tool has saved us countless phone calls and really makes our (sometimes) job of being list brokers so much easier.

Well, today DM News published an article about NextMark's expansion of their directory. NextMark unveils directory of marketing service providers

"Users can search for marketing service providers by name, by services provided or by market specialty.

Service categories cover list/media procurement, creative, data enrichment, list preparation, direct mail production, delivery, response handling and response analysis. Vendors matching the user’s criteria are displayed on a Google map and also in an alphabetical listing."

A while ago, I posted about some other useful (and free) resources that make my day-to-day job as a direct marketer easier. Check this post out for good demographic look-up tools, ZIP code finders and other helpful tools.

In any event, this new NextMark service promises to be super useful, and best of all: "Use of the directory is free."

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