Friday, November 9, 2007

Customer Service Rocks

We are continuously reminded of the importance of excellent customer service. How, if you're treated right you may become a rabid fan and loyal customer. Something as small as one employee that goes the extra mile can turn me into a loyal customer for life.

Case in point, we're here in Las Vegas, attending the Blogworld Expo (where we're learning all kinds of great things--it's an awesome conference). Last night we went to the conference kick-off party and blog awards, hosted by Pajamas Media. It was a big event (don't even ask me about the many bloggers wearing their PJs and bunny slippers--surreal) held in The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel.

And, there was a young man there that exemplified excellent customer service. His name is Kurt and he was tending bar for the hundreds of bloggers. Not only was Kurt friendly and responsive to blogger drink requests, he remembered the drinks that each person ordered. So, you'd get about 4 feet away from the bar, and he'd smile at you and start pouring. This is Rock-Star-Bar-Tending at it's best. And, yes, we DO know there's more to life than a glass of wine, however, once again we were reminded of how focusing in on the customer can make for a stellar customer experience.

As we've discussed before, when you can effectively tie your sales and marketing efforts to consistently pleasing the customer, you have a formula for success. When companies get this right, they raise the bar and outperform their competitors.

Kudos to Kurt for being Bartender-of-the-Year in our books -- and for being a perfect example of how customer service can truly rock. And, please share YOUR examples of customer service excellence. We'd love to hear some positive (or negative) stories.

By the way, look forward to next week when we're going to recap our BlogWorld experience and share some great ideas.

Viva Las Vegas!

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Nancy Arter said...

Interesting comments. Thanks for sharing your site. All of us who are passionate about customer service will definitely be taking a look!

Becky Carroll said...

Suzanne, great story about customer service. I like the title of your post! ;-) Perhaps I can feature it on a Customers Rock! post...

It is great to hear about a person who was outstanding with such a large event taking place. I hope the venue there in Las Vegas is making it a priority in the way they do business by not only hiring more people like this bartender but also be strategically focusing on the customer.

Thanks again, Suzanne. You rock!