Friday, November 9, 2007

OK, Last Time On Hard Rock

So, not to belabor the point . . . and maybe it's just all of the new ideas that I have from the Blogworld Expo . . . but yet another great customer service experience happened to us again on the last night here in Vegas. So, we went over to the Hard Rock Cafe, which is in front of the Hard Rock Hotel. We ran into another exemplary customer service kid named Emo-Shon. Turns out we both went to high school in San Bernardino. He's quite the nice young man and a darned good sales person.

So, that's it -- three strikes they win, and we got a free shot glass out of this encounter. After all these blogs, maybe we should have asked for a free room! Have good weekends all!



K T Cat said...

Hi from Blogworld! I had a great time spending lunch with you. Stop by The Scratching Post any time!

Nancy Arter said...

Hey KT Cat,

It was great spending time with you -- I kind of miss being at BlogWorld. While exhausting, wow, what a lot of great info.

I'll be stopping by the Scratching Post to see what that Cat and Hamster are up to! : )