Monday, December 10, 2007

Case Study Monday: Manchester United

Senior Editor, Chantal Tode, of DM News brings us today's Case Study -- and it's a great one! This Case Study proves once again that when you utilize creativity within your direct mail campaigns, you will achieve excellent response and conversion rates.

Situation: As one of the most popular English football teams in the world, selling tickets isn’t an issue for Manchester United. The problem was that season ticket holders weren’t renewing until a few games into the season, delaying cash flow. In addition, the football club wanted to migrate season ticket holders over to its brand-new online ordering service, thereby reducing the significant resources dedicated to processing phone, mail and walk-in orders.

Approach: Interactive gift card publisher Serious USA Inc. helped Manchester United develop a direct mail campaign that went out to 60,000 season ticket holders in 28 countries. Approximately 50% of the mailing were mailed to names in the UK, 40% to the rest of Europe and 10% to the US. Attached to the inside of the trifold mailer was an interactive CD card which contained content such as interactive seat views letting users experience the view of the stadium from any seat in the stadium and exclusive branded wallpaper and screensavers. With one click, users were redirected to the Manchester United web site, where they could renew online. Season ticket holders who renewed by May 31 were entered into a sweepstakes.

“People are already in the computer domain when they’ve gotten the CD,” so it’s a compelling way to drive online sales, said David Brown, CEO at Serious. Plus, the exclusive content provided a way “to make sure recipients felt excited about the season and the brand,” Brown continued.

Results: Click-thru’s came from 28 different countries, with 54% of recipients clicking thru to various areas on the Web site. Over 20,000 season tickets were sold by the end of May, a month earlier than usual and 60% of these were renewed online.

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