Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Blog Log

Welcome to another Friday Blog Log! This is where we highlight some of our favorite blog posts from the week. This week, we'd like to start out with a couple of posts that made us laugh out loud (can't do the LOL thing - sorry). The cool thing about a few of these posts is that they used the best new idea in blogging -- video.

1. Robert Rosenthal's The Web 2.0 Bubble Song is Sweeping the Nation. This post is absolutely hilarious, and highlights a group of San Francisco businessmen called the Richter Scales. The song causes us to ponder if the social media bubble will actually burst -- similarly to the dotcom situation. Trust me, this one will tickle your sense of humor!

2. Sidecar's Blogger's Union Strike. This video is quite the spoof. It's very funny -- and even more hysterical are the comments attached to the video. Take a look -- and we hope you enjoy it.

3. OK, back to the good, solid Direct Marketing stuff . . . Dean Rieck's, Happiness Drives Consumer Behavior. Dean discusses how happiness is behind all that we do as marketers, as well as what we do as consumers. He also links over to the discussion of how "people power" can really enhance the effectiveness of your direct marketing efforts.

4. Ted Grigg's Fundraising -- a Respected Member of the Direct Marketing Industry. Here, Ted focuses on how the not-for-profit industry has changed their mindset on how to create long-lasting relationships with donors. . . and how this translates to for-profit direct marketing. After all, we're all humans -- and whether we're donating to our favorite charity or purchasing a holiday gift, we go through a similar thought process. Again, a very thought-provoking post.

5. Finally, to leave you with a little holiday spirit (and to highlight another video), I thought I'd highlight our friend (and fellow Laker fan) Adam Sandler and his video, The Hannukah Song. No matter what holiday you celebrate, you gotta love Adam!


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