Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Blog Log

It's Friday again! Time for a re-cap of some of our favorite blog posts this week.

  1. Kevin Hillstrom of Mine that Data started an interesting conversation around the "It" employee--that employee who regardless of clout within a specific organization, still manages to gain respect and get things done. He brings up some interesting thoughts about how a firm can best use this type of leadership and skill-set.
  2. Since it's the season for holiday and holiday gifts, this post, Here Comes the Fruitcake, by Drew McLellan hit me as being pretty darn funny and pretty darn true. It sparked some thoughts around how corporate gifts can help contribute (or not) to that firm's brand. Something to ponder in this gift-giving season.
  3. We enjoyed this post from Elana Anderson, all about customer retention. She provides five steps to help understand retention. Since her tips were all about analytics and measurement, they are right up our alley. Good stuff!
  4. This post definitely resonated with fellow-bloggers! Ron Shevlin of Marketing ROI, put forth his blogging resolutions for next year. Others joined in--should be an interesting year! Be on the look-out for RRW video blogging--you'll be sick of seeing our faces, believe me :)
  5. And, finally, from Being Peter Kim, this post that talks about new Forrester research on the role of the CMO. "CMOs aren't seizing the opportunity to lead their organizations to customer-centricity." Hmmmm. What's even better, is that Peter provides a link to the research that you can download, for FREE!

Have a wonderful weekend. Get those cookies baked, those gifts purchased. And, stay warm!


Ted Grigg said...

You said:
"Kevin Hillstrom of Mine that Data started an interesting conversation around the 'It' employee."

This was indeed a tremendous article Kevin wrote. His stuff just keeps getting better.

Thank you Suzanne for this top quality list of blogs.

Suzanne Obermire said...

Thanks, Ted, for the kind words. We learn so much from fellow bloggers--isn't it a great time we live in?