Monday, June 2, 2008

Case Study: Database Builds Loyalty for Casino

Today's direct marketing case study comes to us from Equifax. Since we enjoy reading about how technology (in this case a marketing database) impacts overall performance, we thought we'd share. For those who are grappling with the decision as to whether to build your marketing database in-house, or use a service bureau, you should continue reading.

Client Profile
A leading gaming and entertainment company, operating riverboat and hotel casino complexes across the U.S.

To increase customer loyalty and drive repeat visits to their casinos, the client targeted direct marketing programs to their existing customers. They were using their operational database and very basic tools to generate direct marketing programs. To enhance campaign effectiveness, they wanted to conduct more testing and better target their direct mail and e-mail campaigns, but did not have the infrastructure to address the challenge.

The client engaged Equifax to conduct a requirements and feasibility study. Their goal was to build an in-house database solution, versus a service provider solution. The feasibility study was a collaborative effort with the client's IT. Equifax built a comprehensive test database parallel to the client's current system--with the added challenge of a changing operations system.

Equifax delivered a database solution that exceeded the client's expectations. The project that began with a feasibility study evolved into a comprehensive service that provides a "single view" of the customer across several properties. The service includes daily updates of customer, transactional, demographic, hotel and promotion history data into an open relational database utilizing best-of-breed business intelligence and campaign management tools. The solution supports daily, trigger-based, multi-channel campaign executions, enabling more convenient, relevant offers to patrons. The client's solution has expanded to include data mining and analysis, using predictive analytics and modeling tools and techniques to enrich their direct and e-mail marketing strategies.

Equifax delivered a powerful marketing database solution, on-time and on-budget. The solution provides direct marketing expertise and support comparable to a more costly, yet less effective in-house solution. In addition, the database features a Quality Control element that ensures the clients meets industry regulatory requirements. The flexible, robust infrastructure facilitates a more "enabling environment." As a result, the client is experiencing greater success in marketing across all segments of the business.
  • Average spend per customer increased 20%. More timely and better matched offers to patrons--with emphasis on event-triggered opportunities--has increased patron's visits and play, resulting in a more satisfied customer base and better ROI for the client.
  • Dramatically shortened timelines enable the client to deliver more frequent mailings to patrons. Direct mail campaigns that used to take two days per property to execute now take two to three days for all six properties.
  • Through increased efficiency, the client can quickly, aggressively pursue multiple marketing tactics simultaneously. In addition, the marketing team can "put good direct marketing strategies to work."
  • Improved, timely business reporting allows the client to apply key learning for the implementation of more effective marketing strategies.
Equifax has proven to be a valuable resource in this client's quest to optimize customer relationships. As a database provider, Equifax has helped the client learn more about their customers in order to increase their visits, build loyalty and, ultimately, boost revenue.


Ted Grigg said...

What makes this accomplishment by Equifax so compelling was their ability to create the database in cooperation with the client's IT department. That is no small task.

Most IT groups have no clue about how to set up truly functional relational databases.

IT usually inhibits the client from succeeding in their database marketing efforts.

So kudos to both Equifax and the client's IT group.

Suzanne Obermire said...

Ted, I hear you about the challenges of working with IT--typically they don't want to relinquish any control. Hence, they hate to outsource something that they could build better themselves (in their minds). I wonder how Equifax and the casino marketing team overcame this issue that we see everywhere...