Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Interesting New Use for Mobile Marketing

We've promised to keep you abreast of the evolution of mobile marketing. Today, in an article from Seeking Media in Australia, it is reported how Strictly Tickets, a next generation marketing and ticketing solution, is using this channel in a new and creative way. As the article puts it, "If you have a WAP-enabled phone, you can buy the tickets from your phone, store them on your phone and swipe your phone at the event. There's no waiting in lines not even to pick up your pre-ordered tickets, just walk straight to the gate." Wow -- we love this idea and application. What a time and resource saver for all involved!

In fact, it's more than a time-saver, it's also better for the environment. "The director of Strictly Tickets, Mr. Tony Lotzof, said today: 'Strictly Tickets will revolutionize mobile marketing and ticketing in Australia. It will finally be affordable, simple and convenient and available to all. It is an ideal application for any promotion or event.' Mobile ticketing and marketing reduces processing costs on both sides. The vendor does not pay for printing and distribution fees, and neither does the customer. Plus, less paper is better for the environment."

So, here we have a win-win scenario for all involved -- the consumer, the business and the environment. And, because this technology works for various types of merchants, it may be the idea that puts mobile marketing on the map.

Think about it -- next time you need that perfect gift for your Aunt Betty, you can send her an electronic gift certificate from her favorite store right to her cell phone . She can then take it to the store (or shop online) and redeem it. Or, maybe you want to take your favorite client to a soccer game? Purchase the tickets on the way to the event and simply walk right through the turnstiles with a quick swipe of your mobile phone.

This application is all about ease of use. In addition, the Strictly Tickets solution "includes a range of outstanding features including Database Creation, CRM and Box Office Software and Push Mobile Marketing giving promoters and clubs the ability to personally market upcoming events to their own opt in clients." Now this is a mobile marketing idea whose time has come.

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