Thursday, June 5, 2008

Marketing Links

Here are some of the interesting articles or blog posts we followed this week:

This experiment has got me intrigued! Social Networking Dominator is promising to "use social marketing and social bookmarking to launch a brand new site into the web traffic stratosphere. I’ll be doing this with high speed SEO, social networking, social bookmarking & video marketing." Their goal is make their website profitable within days. You can follow their progress at I'll be checking in frequently to see what tricks they have up their sleeves.

For those of you who like free things (and who doesn't, right?), you might want to sign up here and ask for Nicky Jameson's 19 New Rules of Social Media Copywriting. I received the tips and learned some things. If you're wondering how to customize your style to maximize your social marketing efforts, this free report might help.

From PR Weekly, check out this article titled: Executives join social media conversation.
It talks about how executives from a wide variety of industries (from the US Army to Mastercard) are joining in on the conversations, as a way to build credibility and simply because it's now almost a new business requirement. We couldn't agree more.

Although it's a bit like preaching to the choir, I couldn't resist sharing this post from Marketing Prof's Daily Fix blog. Titled, "Are Marketing and Mathematics Getting Married?", it talks about the growing importance of analytics in shaping marketing strategies and direction. Yep, we see that, too :)

Have a great weekend!

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