Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another great database marketing example!

Yesterday's "DM News" included a case study about how one marketer, Road Runner Sports (a multi-channel retailer of shoes and gear for people who run), made effective use of database technology to build and grow customer relationships.

The article, called Using database marketing to build customer experience discusses Road Runner Sport's "desire to apply sophisticated marketing techniques to drive customer loyalty."

Road Runner understood the importance of segmentation and analytics. When applied correctly, these database tools can definitely be maximized to improve the customer experience, hence build customer loyalty AND grow profits.

More from the article: "In order to best meet the retail needs of its entire customer base, Road Runner Sports realized its marketing would need to move beyond basic demographics. It needed a database marketing strategy that would allow the retailer to integrate and segment its customers across all touch points in order to understand and communicate with its customers as the individuals they are.

“The key to growing our business is to create a compelling shopping experience with every customer interaction,” said Peter Taylor, general manager for Road Runner Sports. “To do this with the highest degree of effectiveness, we quickly realized that we needed a database marketing solution that would integrate our customer data across our entire enterprise to provide the foundation of analyzing customer information.”

What I found refreshing about the success story of Road Runner Sports is that Road Runner is NOT the huge corporation with tons of extra marketing dollars to play with. This is a niche, specialty retailer who understands that they need the edge to compete with their much larger competitors. They're using database technology and analytical techniques to keep their customers satisfied.

What a great example to all of us!

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