Friday, June 1, 2007

Mobile Marketing - The Next Big Thing in DM


That's $9 Billion, with a "B". This from new research from Compass Intelligence, a market analytics and research firm.

More from the article: "This year US businesses are expected to spend an estimated $3.8 billion on mobile applications, which include mobile and wireless-based custom-coded and packaged applications, including productivity, Enterprise Resource Planning, Email, CRM, security applications, and more. This market is poised for double-digit annual growth into 2011 and is primarily targeted to improve productivity and collaboration across businesses."

RRW Consulting
believes that mobile applications and technology will enable and create a valuable new channel for direct marketers. We look forward to adding mobile programs to our arsenol (that already includes standards like direct mail, outbound telemarketing, e-mail and Interactive marketing). We hope that our clients will be some of the early adopters and hit the ground running when the right tools and services are in-place.

As a new homeowner, I was dreaming just yesterday of how wonderful it would be if while shopping madly in Linens and Things for new towels to match the color of my new bathroom, an umbrella for my new patio, window coverings (have you seen how expensive they are???), etc, etc, I received a text message on my cell phone offering me 15% off of my purchase. Not only would I have whooped for joy, but I can guarantee you that I would have spent more time, and money, in that store. The icing on the cake: Linens and Things would have had a loyal customer for life.

Now, that's the power of direct marketing. And, it's the power of direct marketing fueled by mobile technology.

Look for more on this concept in RRW's June Newsletter. Nancy is attending (today) a conference on the topic. She'll come back full of good ideas and the latest news on mobile marketing that we'll be sharing with our colleagues, in our newsletter to be published on Monday. Let us now if you'd like to be added to the distribution. You can sign up on our website.

And, have a great weekend. I know I'll spend it shopping and fixing up this new house.

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Jonathan Starets said...

I was glad to see your comments about receiving a coupon on your cell phone via a text message. It all makes sense to me why a well timed & thought out text message would improve both the shopping experience & the brands image to the consumer. Anytime technology can make things better without having how to learn anything new, download software, or buy a new gadget is a good thing. Who doesn't know how to read a text message these days & every phone is equipped to receive them now... Seems like a good marriage technology and convenience to me.

Great blog, glad I found it!