Monday, June 11, 2007

Direct and Brand Marketers: No Longer Enemies

Recent Direct Marketing Association (DMA) research indicates that direct marketing is becoming increasingly important to brand-building. "DM News" published this article: Lines between DM and brand marketing blurring: DMA.

From the article: "Direct marketing’s scalability, measurability and undeniable ROI has moved it to the forefront of all marketing, including branding,” Eugenia Steingold, senior research manager at the DMA and author of the report, said in a statement."

Well, of course! Isn't it much easier for a CEO or CFO to allocate marketing funds to programs that are measurable? Again, it's easier to justify programs that you can quantify with real numbers that prove the marketing investment paid off--either in new customers acquired, new sales made, or new relationships forged.

More from the article: “The findings of our latest report show that direct marketing tactics designed to increase consumer awareness and action are ubiquitous — from URLs on all marketing materials to 800 numbers, to calls-to-action in TV, radio and print ads — and across every other type of marketing media”

It's so gratifying--I remember years ago when I had to fight to get an 800 number included in a print ad. The creative types at the "general" ad agency simply didn't want to ruin the integrity of their art-work. Ha--it's nice to be proven RIGHT.

In all seriousness, this integration of brand and direct marketing just makes sense.
"The report examines how direct marketing and brand building are being integrated in today’s multichannel environment to increase response rates, sales, profitability, and brand awareness."

And, just how big of an impact does DM have on marketing, overall? "Respondents report 64 percent of their marketing dollars are allocated to DM and 36 percent go to mass marketing. Nearly 70 percent of brand marketers rate personalization as having a positive or strong positive effect on brand, and 64 percent rate targeting as having a positive or strong positive effect."

Bottom-line: Direct Marketing and all the tools associated with DM is the backbone of today's marketing world.

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