Thursday, June 28, 2007

Direct Mail Favored by Consumers

Can you believe it? Our friend, Jerry Snyder, from NAC, one of the country's leading lettershops, shared a recent article from the June 18th printed version of DM News. (Try as I might, I couldn't find this article on-line, so no link. I'd be happy to send you the PDF of the article, if you'd like it.)

In any event, the article, headlined "Mail Still Consumer Favorite" provides research performed by International Communications Research. Their survey found that "despite today's digital world, consumers clearly prefer mail to other communications vehicles, such as e-mail, for receiving new product information and offerings as well as confidential business communications including bank statements and financial reports."

The article is full of key stats that compare DM to other media. It states that consumers are much more unlikely to throw away mail without opening it, than they are to delete an e-mail. Further, the study found that consumers found direct mail "less instrusive," "more convenient," and "more persuasive" than other media.


RRW is always on the look-out for new channels for our clients. We keep up with changes in social media marketing, mobile marketing and other interactive channels and new technology. Of course, we won't stop this research and will constantly strive to bring fresh ideas and new viewpoints to our clients. (After all, that's our job!)

But, it's also important to remember that for many marketing initiatives, the old stand-by, direct mail, still is effective.

P.S. We blogged on a related topic a few days ago, relaying how consumers preferred to get their credit cards via direct mail. Just more food for thought and reason to keep DM in your toolbox.

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