Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogs we Like!

Another great week for bloggers, and those who like to read blogs.

We'll start off by pointing you to this post from Customers Rock. Author Becky Carroll provides an excellent example of how companies can earn a customer for life, relaying a personal situation that involved her skateboarder son. Her post is just as interesting as was her luncheon presentation on Social Media made this week at the San Diego DMA (which Nancy was happy to attend).

While we're on the topic of customer service, check out this blog post from Marketing Shift, titled: Customer Service as Marketing Tool. It discusses Friendly Computer's strategy of marketing their excellent customer service as a differentiator. If they do, indeed, come through on their promise and deliver a great experience, I think that great customer service is definitely a selling point.

Greg Verdino posed this interesting question on his blog: "If we literally turned off all this social media / Web 2.0 stuff for a day would business productivity soar? And inversely, would innovation stumble?" The question started some quite interesting discussion. My opinion--if we turned it all off, we may get more work done in a day, but we'd sure have a lot less fun. And, we'd be a lot less creative.

For fun, I wanted to share this site where you can obtain up-to-the-minute astrological horoscopes--for your dog! Nancy found it in her ongoing quest to understand her two twin Pugs, Willie and Woody. This link points to Aquarius, the sign of my black lab, Chance (who had a birthday this week!). It's kinda surprising how accurate these can be...

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekends.


Becky Carroll said...

Thank you for the link to Customers Rock! I knew as the story unfolded in the retail store that it would be great to share with my readers.

Glad you liked the talk, Nancy, on social media and customer loyalty. It was great to meet you, even briefly!

Nancy Arter said...

Same here, Becky! Your presentation was excellent -- and I loved the way that you selected one of the attending companies and gave them concrete recommendations for improving their social marketing strategy. Very well done!