Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quick and Easy (and On-Target) E-mail Guidelines

Like most people, I like receiving my information in easy-to-digest portions. Sadly, when the information is digest-able, it typically doesn't have all that much value.

That definitely is NOT the case with this article: The 7.5 rules of e-mail marketing

If you dabble in e-mail marketing, even if it's just to send out a corporate newsletter, this DM News article will provide insight on how to improve your program. And, even if you're a high-volume, experienced e-mailer, I think you'll benefit from a quick read.

The author provides tips on how to ensure your e-mail program is a success. The last 1/2 of a tip is actually a reiteration of an earlier tip that the author considers critical. I'll spoil the suspense and share this tip, which was worth mentioning twice. The tip: Get Delivered.

From the article:
"Get delivered. Keep your e-mail file size small — around 40K is recommended. Avoid spam-trigger words like “sale”, “free” and “offer”. Limit use of images, which can raise your spam score. Include a physical address and an “unsubscribe” link. It's crucial to remain Can-Spam Act compliant and avoid blacklisting risks."
The other 6 tips:
  1. Get a plan: Develop a long-term e-mail strategy. Think about a progression of e-mail messages to engage your customers and prospects.
  2. Get help: Invest in outside consultants and/or technology to help ensure success.
  3. Get read: By keeping your message and design simple.
  4. Get it together: Integrate your online and offline campaigns. Take advantage of the multi-channel effect.
  5. Get feedback: Encourage response via links, surveys and forms. Give something of value away to solicit reader feedback, and to generate leads.
  6. Get results: Track deliveries, bounces, opens, click-throughs, forwards, and act on those results.
Are there any other tricks you have up your sleeve that weren't included in this article? One that comes to my mind is a tip around ensuring that you've targeted and segmented your audience so that your message is delivered to the exact right group of customers and prospects (hence making it less SPAMMY and more apt to be responded to).

Any other good e-mail tips out there?

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