Monday, April 28, 2008

Case Study: Importance of B2B Lead Scoring

You know that we're huge advocates of using statistical techniques to improve marketing performance. So, when I listened to Richard Sharp, VP of Marketing for Marqui speak on the topic of lead scoring at the Innotech e-marketing conference earlier this month, I knew it would be a great session. Richard spoke about how important it is for marketing to qualify leads through an objective scoring system, prior to handing the right leads over to sales.

We couldn't agree more and we decided to highlight a Marqui client success in this Monday's Case Study. This success story comes directly from their sales literature.

Background and Client
Strangeloop Networks develops a family of network appliances designed to help businesses optimize the performance of their website or web-based application. Their business clients can then deliver new features and applications faster and at a lower cost without changes to software code or hardware infrastructure.

Strangeloop Networks was a newly launched company that needed to hit the ground running. With limited marketing staff and budget, they still had to deliver enough sales-ready leads for their team. They had to transform their website from "brochure-ware" into an active lead generation component. They also had to create lead generation campaigns that could easily plug into their existing Salesforce CRM and Google Analytics web analytics package. They wanted a more effective means of evaluating their marketing programs instead of relying on conflicting anecdotal information from their sales team.

Strangeloop selected the Marqui Marketing Automation Suite, as it included key features and guaranteed a fast implementation. The Marqui Marketing Automation Suite provided both web content management and marketing campaign tools, offering a single-vendor solution. Total implementation time including training was only a few weeks before they were able to start running their first lead generation campaign.

  • Executed campaigns 3x faster
  • Reduced budget for external contractors by $14,400 annually
  • Increased conversion rate by 10% each onth
  • Established automated workflow for managing and approving content
  • Ability to track profitability of multi-channel campaigns
All in all, sounds pretty impressive! It's great to see small businesses succeed by being clever, and by choosing the right technology.

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