Thursday, April 3, 2008

Marketing Links!

Ah, another good week for bloggers!

We loved this post, titled It's the Data, Stupid from Robert Rosenthal's Freaking Marketing for two reasons: 1) It's a milestone for him--his 200th post. Congratulations, Robert! 2) He mentions RRW's new turnkey customer profiling service, and says some nice things about us, too. We really appreciate it.

Another fellow DMer, Dan Smolen, has just introduced a brand new blog, called Sturdy Roots. Dan is an executive recruiter for our industry. He had the good idea that there was a need out there for environmentally-conscious marketers to find like-minded companies to work for. Hence, he's started a blog with a focus on green marketing. It's a great idea and we personally love the fact that direct marketers ARE looking seriously at environmental concerns.

This post, called "Digital" does not equal "interactive" marketing, from the Forrester Marketing Blog got me thinking. The author relays her experience at a party she recently attended while in Shanghai. It sounded like a fabulous party, but the authors' point was that she (and the other guests) never had the opportunity to interact with the host of the party, Adidas, and in fact she kinda forgot that they were, indeed, the event sponsor. The question raised was--was this a success for Adidas? The author says: "It made me realize that "digital marketing" and "interactive marketing" are not at all the same thing." Check out the post and decide for yourself!

And, for all of you e-mail marketers out there, you'll need to visit the E-Mail Marketing Reports Blog, and specifically check out this post, loaded with tips on things you might change in your e-mail campaigns to boost results. I love how the author has backed his examples with actual numbers and very specific results. Great ideas, here!

Another week has passed (where the heck do they go???). Have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...
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Robert Rosenthal said...

RRW is doing important stuff for direct marketers. I'll continue to spread the word.
P.S. Glad you enjoyed the music video.