Monday, April 7, 2008

Case Study Monday: Imago Digital

Welcome to another edition of Case Study Monday. Today, we'd like to highlight a very forward-thinking direct marketing firm, Imago Digital, a division of MMI. We were lucky enough to meet these folks at a recent trade show and subsequent plant tour last week. They are a very impressive company indeed!

The reason why we really like this company is that they are extremely customer-focused. They have refined and tweaked their capabilities over time in order to help their clients continually create success through every direct marketing campaign -- and do it as business needs continually evolve.

Here is an example of some success that they were able to create for Olympic College, a two-year public college located in Bremerton, Washington.

Business Need: Olympic College needed to increase their enrollment. They knew they needed to do it via direct marketing, but they needed a vehicle that would be faster than traditional "reply" cards, and they needed to target the specific needs of their "high-tech" audience.

Strategy: Olympic brought in the experts from Imago Digital to create a direct marketing strategy that would communicate to each prospect individually through variable data direct mail. In addition, they added a personalized url (purl) as a response channel for this highly web-savvy audience.

They utilized a blueprint that included a colorful introductory postcard that was personalized on both the front and the back, and included the purl. Once the respondent went to their web page, they landed on a "VIP Welcome Page" personalized just for them. They were then able to answer a short survey regarding their educational needs, update a personal profile, and were immediately sent a thank you email for their interest. As the follow-up emails were sent out thanking the respondent, the information was also sent out to the Olympic College sales team for an immediate sales touch.

Through this process, Olympic was able to provide the most relevant information for each prospective student while at the same time building a great -- and clean -- opted in database for their direct marketing use. You really need to visit imago's website so that you can see the entire case study with the postcard and web page views. It's very well done!

Results: Olympic College sent out 3,226 pieces to high school students. Out of that number:
  • 90 (2.79% visit rate) students visited their personalized landing pages
  • 70 (2.36% response rate) students completed the survey
  • Of the 70 respondents, 34 enrolled for classes at Olympic College!
How about the ROI?
  • The cost of the campaign was about $5,000
  • Each student who enrolled spent $5,500 on average
  • Total of $187,000 in revenues generated from this campaign
Wow! What a great success story. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Have a great week!

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