Monday, April 23, 2007

E-Mail Marketing -- Great Click-through rates!

In a recent story from Carol Krol of BtoB Marketing Online Magazine, it is reported that the effectiveness of e-mail marketing is definitely on the rise. In fact, research has shown that an astounding 84% of e-mail users have clicked through from e-mail offers. The research was conducted by Epsilon, a database marketing and e-mail marketing provider, in its findings from research conducted with GfK Custom Research North America. The article reports that the survey of more than 400 e-mail users revealed generally high satisfaction with e-mail and mailbox providers, as well as high responsiveness to e-mail communication efforts across multiple channels. Additionally, the data indicate that e-mail campaigns exert a powerful influence over other marketing channels' performance.

The survey also found 73% of respondents report having made an online purchase as the result of receiving a relevant e-mail offer and 51% of respondents report having clicked "forward to a friend" links in marketing e-mail.

This is solid evidence that you should consider e-mail as part of your multi-channel marketing efforts. For more on effective e-mail marketing techniques, you may want to take a look at our E-Mail Marketing Best Practices White Paper. Just click on the link and we'll send you a copy.

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