Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Testing the Concept

RRW firmly believes in the concept of providing value. If a firm provides value, when a firm goes above and beyond in order to better serve their customers, they'll reap rewards both short and long-term. Rewards may take the form of increased revenue. Or maybe they'll be demonstrated in a new-business referral or glowing recommendation.

Bottom line, the customer relationship has grown deeper. It will be harder to lose this customer, even if there's a major screw-up.

We're starting this blog today (on Tax Day, of all days...) with one simple goal: we want to provide value to our industry. Hopefully fellow marketers will visit (and visit often) to find new ideas and news about the direct marketing industry. We'll be including links to research, conferences and other marketers. And, we're welcome to new ideas and promoting exciting new products and services. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

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