Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's Easy To Be Green!

In a recent DM News article, Chet Dalzell reports on how direct marketers are right in step with the environmentally friendly attitude that prevails today. In fact, the article touts 3 "green" companies -- Starbucks, General Electric and Toyota -- as companies who are actually "building their growth on products and strategies aimed at helping to preserve the planet."

When you think about what we do each day, it's true! We are measured on our ability to be efficient. We are constantly being measured for targeting better, increasing response rates on our direct mail campaigns, increasing the efficiency of our marketing databases, etc. As Dalzell so aptly points out, "Avoiding waste, more often than not, is avoiding cost." Deep isn't it.

It's nice to know that through our efforts to make our marketing strategy as efficient as possible, we are also being good corporate citizens -- both from a budgetary and environmental perspective. This philosophy goes hand in hand with corporate goals of doing what's right for all of our stakeholders -- and more importantly, for our planet.

It turns out that Kermit was wrong . . . it IS easy to be Green.

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