Friday, August 15, 2008

Direct Marketing Links

Small Business Blogging
For all of you out there who are still toying with the idea of starting your own company blog, this post from Duct Tape Marketing is a must-read. Author, John Jantsch, shares a story about how an unlikely blogger (a sign company) is using blogging to differentiate his business. And, for those who aren't blogging yet--my advice (and stolen from one of Portland's top marketers) to you would be--Just do it!

Banking and Social Networking...
Swami at his Customer World blog has started a lively conversation about the new banking review site, You'll see some differing opinions about whether people will be likely to use this service, or not. I'm also pleased because he refers back to my post on same topic :)

Don't Ignore your Generation Y Customers!
You know how much we love the concept of Generational Marketing--using generational attributes to understand your customer segments and also to drive marketing strategy. So, I really enjoyed reading this post from The Financial Branding blog that specifically talks about how important it is not to ignore or underestimate Gen Y. Pictures are even included!

More on Mobile Marketing
From the 1 to 1 Media blog, check out this post that discusses mobile marketing. The article emphasizes that Mobile Marketing should not be a stand-alone channel, but should fit into your overall marketing strategy. "One of the best uses of mobile, he said, is to enhance other channels with a mobile call to action." Good ideas, here, and a nice complement to my post on same topic, from yesterday.

Whole Foods
The Church of the Customer blog started a thought-provoking conversation in their post about Whole Foods Market. Blog author Jackie Huba cites Whole Foods' recent dismal financial performance and asks her audience what Whole Foods should do to boost their business. Some excellent comments--definitely worth a read!

Enjoy your weekend! Stay cool and have fun.


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