Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mobile Marketing: Who's Doing It?

I have to be honest with you. Although we've been writing about the importance of incorporating Mobile Marketing into the direct marketing tool box for over a year, so far, not one of our clients has even come close to using this channel. Not a single client is even talking about it. And, the only advertising I've personally received on my own cell phone have come from Verizon Wireless, my service provider.

So, where's the disconnect? In an April blog post, we reported that Mobile Marketing is expected to reach $19 BILLION in 2012 (from $3 billion in 2007). I just wonder who's spending all this money...And, who's getting these ads served up to them?

This I know for sure--mobile marketing is happening, somewhere!

Take a look at this MarketWatch/WSJ article I found today that reports a 13% quarterly growth in mobile marketing advertising expenses.
"Limbo, one of the largest mobile social communities in the US, and GfK Technology, a leading market search agency, have released the latest joint Mobile Advertising Report (MAR). The second quarter report shows that a high percentage of mobile phone users in the US, UK and India indicate they are receiving advertising messages through their mobile phone; 85 percent in India, 51 percent in the UK, and 37 percent in the US."
Within the mobile marketing mix of Internet banner ads, text messaging and radio ads (sidenote--me being dumb again--what is a mobile radio ad? Anyone?), the most common format is the text message. For any of you marketing to the youth market, note that younger males typically view mobile Internet advertising the most.

And, to answer my question--which advertisers have adopted mobile marketing as a channel?
"The brands recalled in advertising via this channel were mainly mobile carriers, handset manufacturers, media brands and digital entertainment companies."
Finally, as is usual in all things cell phone related, the US lags behind other countries.
"Though the US lags behind the UK and India in many mobile phone usage categories, it shows strong growth. The number of people using mobile phones in the US has grown from 251 million in Q4 2007 to over 263 million this quarter, up nearly ten percent. The US also shows steady increases in the number of people who recall seeing advertising through their mobile phone, from 31 percent to 37 percent over the same time period."
So, there you have it, Mobile Marketing is a reality already and poised to take off in a big way. I would really love to hear from those marketers out there who have personally used the channel. Case studies, anyone?

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