Monday, May 14, 2007

Business Model Evaluation--Always A Good Thing

I read this recent Business Week article, "Why Dell Needs RadioShack" and what struck me is how important it is to constantly be re-thinking and evaluating business strategy. This article is essentially the author's (Peter Burrow) opinion that Dell should consider purchasing RadioShack in an attempt to broaden distribution channels.

This idea is based on a recent e-mail sent by Michael Dell where he states that he's evaluating his direct-only approach. From the article: "CEO Michael Dell says it's time to "go beyond" phone and Internet sales. Could this brick-and-mortar electronics retailer be the answer?"

We write in this blog constantly about how companies are exploring direct marketing channels as a way to augment other advertising/marketing (see Friday's post on Procter and Gamble). Interesting to look at it from the opposite viewpoint--Dell who started the direct-to-consumer computer sales industry, is now exploring more traditional retail channels, such as (shock) store-fronts.

In any event, what this article emphasized to me was the importance of constantly evaluating your marketing strategy, programs and direction. By not staying complacent and by always looking for new opportunities, you'll stay ahead of your competitors and keep your business growing.

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