Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Make Search Engine Optimization Work for You!

Over the course of the last few weeks, we've talked about many of the different tools that you can use in your direct marketing toolbox. Today, I'd like to focus on the topic of search engine optimization (SEO).

Prior to about a year ago, we didn't give SEO much thought. We thought it was only applicable to large corporations and some kind of cyberspace "voodoo" that lean and mean consultancy firms such as ourselves didn't need to be bothered about. Well, let me tell you, our opinions on SEO have done a 180 degree reversal once we met Daryl Clark of Internet Search Marketing. Daryl introduced us to the world of SEO by asking us a couple, seemingly innocuous questions, such as:
  • What happens when people search on RRW Consulting in Google or Yahoo?
  • If people are looking for smart and savvy direct marketing consultants, does RRW Consulting land in the top 10 on either of these search engines when potential clients type in general direct marketing keywords?
Unfortunately, before we hooked up with Daryl, the answers to both questions above were not very positive. In fact, when you typed in RRW Consulting, our website didn't even show in the top 10 on either search engine. And, we were not even on the radar when searching for companies with our direct marketing expertise. Can you even imagine such a terrible tragedy?

Well, thanks to Internet Search Marketing, I'm happy to report that we are now officially converted to SEO aficionados! Thanks to Daryl's good work, RRW Consulting now appears as number 1 in most search engines. You are also able to find us when typing in many direct marketing terms on the different search engines. SEO took us from the state of virtually invisible to highly visible. SEO has been an important part of our strategic marketing plan, and we highly recommend that you take a closer look to help your business achieve even greater success.

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