Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mobile CRM is Coming!

Yesterday we discussed future direct marketing applications using emerging mobile technology--the ability of marketers to relay messages in real time to their customers and prospects is very exciting.

Almost just as exciting is the ability for companies to intelligently use mobile technology to beef up their CRM strategies. Salespeople, delivery folks and others who visit their customers and prospects have long been in search of applications that can make their life easier (as opposed to making it easier for their bosses to keep tabs on them!). And, if mobile CRM can help strengthen the customer relationship by providing immediate information and better customer service, we're all for it!

CRM Buyer published "Is Mobile CRM Finally Ready for Liftoff" yesterday. Their definition of an application that works: "An effective mobile CRM application needs to be easy to get information into and out of -- it must be semi-connected and not browser-based, for instance. It should also provide events and triggers so a salesperson doesn't have to enter a lot of data on a tiny keyboard."

CRM Buyer believes that this year is the year that the Mobile CRM "industry is finally poised to deliver robust mobile offerings."

We look forward to seeing how these new offerings will make our lives easier as consumers. And, as a business-person, who is out on the road quite frequently, I look forward to seeing what kind of cool, new tools I can use!

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