Thursday, May 3, 2007

Intelligent E-Mail Marketing Technique

As big fans of multi-channel marketing, we love the idea of being smart about how you conduct your e-mail marketing campaigns. There is a new idea called Dynamic Customer Segments that can help you easily segment and target your e-mail campaigns to get higher click-through rates and to boost overall response. In a recent article from Email Marketing Voodoo, they discuss this concept. These dynamic segments are created by rules of inclusion or exclusion.

Utilizing these rules, you can very easily message to specific members of your database or list effortlessly. And, used with a reoccuring message feature, your email campaign can be sent to subscribers automatically based upon preset rules. Thus, you are communicating with a customer-specific message to each segment of your customer database. Talk about one-to-one marketing -- this is an easy and effective way to get there!

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