Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Using Mobile Effectively for Direct Response

BtoB Online has recently interviewed Dave Whetstone, CEO of Clonefone, a company that allows consumers to manage their mobile phones online. In the interview, Whetstone discusses the emergence of this technology as a new and very effective direct marketing channel.

More specifically, Whetstone argues that mobile phones are the ideal channel for direct response. "Whether people are listening to the radio, seeing an outdoor billboard or standing in line at the checkout counter, consumers can respond to marketing messages, request and receive information or, of course, make a phone call." Whetstone goes on to give us his insight on how to craft the "best" mobile marketing campaigns. He believes that the most effective campaigns tend to be part of broader cross-media campaigns, and mobile helps increase response rates from other forms of media. In addition, in this era of permission-based marketing, people can opt-in for various reminders or information delivered to their cell phone when utilizing mobile marketing. All in all, mobile marketing can really lend a hand in driving customers to your brand.

If you (like us) find this topic of interest, the University of Southern California's Center for Telecommunications Excellence is hosting a 2 day conference on June 1-2 in Marina Del Rey, CA, entitled "LA Mobility Global Rountable Program." Experts from around the globe will be closely examining mobile technology and it's evolving impact on us as direct marketers. Check out the website for more information and the program agenda.

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