Friday, August 17, 2007

More Evidence that Multi-Channel Marketing is Key to Your Direct Marketing Success

We've all been talking about multi-channel marketing for years now. As evidenced by the Annual Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Conference, which now hosts a "multi-channel" exhibit hall along-side their regular exhibit hall, it is becoming increasingly important to take advantage of all channels available to reach our valuable clients.

In a recent article from DM News, a newly released DMA study of both postal mail and e-mail list rentals, discusses the findings of increases in volumes in postal mail and in e-mail marketing-- and the results are quite interesting. In the article, postal mail is still increasing steadily. In fact, "list-based postal marketing remains the more prominent channel, with a weighted average 6.8 million postal pieces distributed in 2006, compared with an average 1.9 million pieces circulated through e-mail."

But these volumes only tell part of the story.

“Magnifying the higher percentage of companies increasing their e-mail volumes than postal volumes, is the higher average percentage increase for e-mail these companies report, compared with the average increases they report for postal mail. In fact, average decreases in e-mail marketing are both smaller and are found among a much smaller percentage of survey respondents." Bottom line, folks are beginning to more fully embrace e-mail marketing, and as this article reports, both in campaigns to their current customers as well as with prospective customers.

So, as these volumes continue to steadily increase, the practice of using both postal and e-mail channels will also continue to grow. And, as consumers and businesses continue to express their desires on how they wish to be communicated with, this kind of multi-channel approach will definitely spell success for those direct marketers who plan accordingly. For more ideas on how to implement a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy, take a look at our idea paper.

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tedgrigg said...

As a long time direct marketer, it never was an either or proposition, but rather "How can we reach our target market cost-effectively to achieve our sales goals?"

All new media and traditional media should be tested singly and together to determine the best cost-per-sale or cost-per-customer.


Nancy Arter said...

Amen to that, Brother! I totally agree with your comments. Testing is the right way to figure out the best multi-channel mix for any business. Oftentimes, folks get excited about a particular new media and go headlong into it without testing first. As you've stated, Ted, this is not a good idea. The testing will definitely help to establish the correct mixture that drives the best ROI, whatever the measurement.

Thanks for your comment!