Friday, August 3, 2007

Reduce your junk mail

As a direct marketer, I cringe when I see articles complaining about "junk" mail. I feel guilty because, yes, I am part of the machine that sends unwanted mail to millions of people. Of course, then I remember why RRW is in business--we help our clients better target their mailings, hence changing them from "junk" to wonderful information that is timely and valuable (yep, each and every time :)

This article appeared in today's Star Telegram out of Dallas: Junk the junk mail

"Junk mail. Piles of it. In your mailbox, every day.

You don't want it. Most of the time, you didn't ask for it. But when it arrives, you have to do something with it: Shred it. Trash it. Recycle it.

You'll probably never eliminate all the mail you don't want. But with a little effort, you can remove your name from enough mailing lists and databases to cut down some of the clutter."

The article then goes into good detail as to how consumers can get their names off mailing lists. As someone who's been in the data industry for many years, I was surprised by the completeness of the list and by the accuracy of the information. So, in a nutshell, this article is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to reduce your direct mail.

I know that I'm going to keep this info and give it to the next person who complains to me about all the junk mail they're receiving.

But, just remember, it's not junk mail if it's done right. The right offer sent to the right person at the right time is what we strive for.



Anonymous said...

I agree ones man trash is another mans treasure. This is especially true of direct marketing materials. That is why I use the services of Myjunktree they give me a choice of what I want to receive in my mailbox. I chose the companies I want to stop mail from coming from. If I no longer want a catalog, I stop it. If I don't want weekly coupons from one company and I do from another I make a choice. It is a great way to help me get only what I want. I even was able to stop the Phone Books that went straight to the recycling bin.

Suzanne Obermire said...

Thanks for the tip. Will definitely check it out!

sc1quail said...

Yes, it all about choices. And myjunktree gives me just that; the few catalogs I do what and the choice to stop all coupons offers. I live in the Phoeniz area and I get about five different phone books when I only need one. Stopping the other four has got to save a tree or two! I highly recommend!

P.S. said...

I just checked out and signed up at MyJunkTree website. For the price, what a great deal. I'm excited to see the decrease in the amount of junk mail recieved, to recieve my credit report, and eliminate those phone books.

Anonymous said...

If you want to do more than just Stop Junk Mail that comes to your home, this site might also be of interest to you. Stopping Free Papers. It is a free service and they help you stop the delivery of all the free papers that are thrown in your driveway. The site is sponsored by MyJunkTree and it is totally free!