Thursday, August 2, 2007

TV Shopping in Vogue

It's my guilty secret. I LOVE shopping at home. What better way to relax than to spend money--without leaving your couch, no less!

Was pleased to read today: Vogue to unveil

"Vogue magazine will launch a broadband Internet channel August 21 called

The Condé Nast fashion glossy will run the channel as a companion to its 3-year-old Web site As on that site, users will be able to buy products featured on the site directly online.

The new site will also feature original programming, including “60 Seconds to Chic,” “Behind the Lens,” in which a celebrity launches a new fragrance, and “Trend Watch,” which was previously syndicated."

With Vogue's entry to the home shopping space, the TV shopping addicts (like me) can upgrade from those crazy gizmos that cut onions quicker than you can blink or Suzanne Somers selling glitzy (read: fake) jewelry to genuine high fashion. Wow! Yes, I'll be watching...

I do applaud Vogue for being smart enough to complement its historically successful publication not only with their website, but now with this Internet-based shopping channel.

And, their multi-channel approach seems to already be working in their favor--ad sales in the magazine are up. And, they've just opened up new revenue streams and new ways to reach and build their audience.

We see so many traditional publishers struggling to incorporate the Internet into their mix. Oftentimes they simply try to put a version of their magazine on the web, and that simply doesn't work. It's great to see how Vogue figured out a clever multi-channel mix.

And, yes, I'll be watching. And shopping...


Ana Yoerg said...

What about advertising on the site?

From CMS Wire's post: Web Geeking Gets a Whole Lot Prettier

Competing with a renewed interest in the fashion industry, as demonstrated by movies, sitcoms and reality television, Vogue, arguably one major authority on haute couture, is finally entering the Web generation. And let’s be realistic: readers read Vogue for its content about as much as readers of Playboy enjoy the articles. This new initiative, in which content really is king (and advertising comprises all his new clothes), will benefit Vogue advertisers most of all.

Advertisers who appear in the coveted September print issue are also offered an opportunity to appear online, with those who purchase multi-page spreads having the option to post additional content, “like behind-the-scenes video from their campaign’s photo shoots.”

Vogue has always been dedicated to its advertisers, so it will be interesting to see if it can strike a healthy and advantageous balance in the online realm without letting one strength overshadow the other.

Suzanne Obermire said...

Ana, thanks for this link. I'll definitely be checking out the September issue, and looking at the website, too.