Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Using Your Direct Marketing Expertise in Mobile Marketing Campaigns

As direct marketers, we know that the proper mix of data, careful analysis and measurement, and the correct channels can mean campaign success that can be proven and improved upon over time. This approach leads to better profitability for our companies, more satisfied customers, and more money in our pockets -- all very happy endings for everyone concerned.

We can use this expertise when looking to expand our campaigns to new channels, too. According to a recent article in DM News, parlaying basics of DM knowledge to mobile marketing can increase your reach and response rates. In the article, Crystal King of iAnywhere states, "Currently, only a handful of mobile Internet services are able to provide messages that are more detailed. That’s where direct marketing can really be a boon to savvy marketers who are looking to take advantage of the emerging mobile market. Direct mail, permission marketing and CRM specific campaigns are all excellent candidates for integration into a larger mobile marketing strategy."

King goes on to talk about the differences in response rates between online and mobile marketing -- and it's pretty astounding stuff! "Online and direct marketing often mix nicely. The ability of their messages to point to online resources and Web sites give advertisers the ability to track some level of response rates. However, the 0.2 percent online marketing response rates currently don’t hold a candle to the 2-3 percent of mobile marketing’s response rates, which direct marketers need to find a way to harness." I can't think of one client who would turn down a 2-3 percent response rate -- wow!

As you're designing your marketing strategy for 2008 and beyond, begin thinking about how you can harness the power of mobile marketing to improve your campaign results and integrate it into your marketing tactics. King advises that "driving people to a mobile Web site through traditional advertising is a great way to service current customers as well as to introduce offerings to new customers. " Not only are you reaching more diverse groups of potential customers but you are embracing the technology that all generations of customers are becoming increasingly tied to -- the mobile phone. Using your own knowledge of direct marketing to guide you in this process will ensure your success! If you're interested in this topic, please take a look at our idea paper on Multi-Channel Marketing Best practices.

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