Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Good News on Direct Marketing -- It's a Rosy Future!

It's interesting to be a part of the evolution of direct marketing. Yesterday, we discussed Web 2.0 and its impact on expanding your reach. That's just a piece of what we have at our fingertips today. As marketers, we have more ways than ever to reach our customers with relevant, meaningful messages. The good news is this: our industry is growing at a very nice rate thanks to all of the good work that we do to help our clients build more profitable customer relationships. So, kudos to us!

In a recent post by Mediapost's Marketing Daily, the numbers that are reported are very compelling!

Here's an excerpt:

"Direct marketing spending increased 6.6% to $101.51 billion in 2006, due to double-digit gains in e-mail marketing, an influx of new direct-response advertisers on TV such as insurance companies and reverse mortgages, and modest growth in the largest categories--telemarketing and direct mail. Political advertising also contributed to gains in the direct mail, e-mail marketing and telemarketing categories. Spending on direct mail, the second-largest category, increased 5.7% in 2006 to $32.65 billion."

It's hard not to get excited about these kinds of numbers. As direct marketers, we know that what we do works. And when we add in good marketing intelligence behind the data, we can prove it. I know that's what makes us happy. And, again, with all of the relatively new tools that are available to us -- search-engine-optimization, e-marketing, social networking and marketing -- there are more ways than ever to get our message to the right customer or prospect that will cause them to react in a positive way. And that's all good news for our bottom line.


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Jeff said...

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Nancy said...

Thanks for your comments!

Jeff, I agree . . . and let's hope you're right. Thanks for sharing your e-mail marketing examples and success stories. I'll definitely take a look at your link.