Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yet Another Reason to Hate the DMV...

I truly couldn't believe this news article: Pennsylvania Using Confidential DMV Database for its Own Marketing Purposes.

The article reports that "The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is combing through confidential Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) database records so that it can mail targeted job offers to holders of commercial drivers' licenses."


Talk about a misuse of power, coupled with an invasion of privacy. Consumers expect that their drivers license information will remain confidential. And, why should the DMV have the unfair advantage of using this private data to recruit truck drivers? Private firms don't get to enjoy this privilege of mis-using personal data. And, if they do (through data theft or some other unfair practice), they are definitely penalized for it--they get a big fine or they go to jail.

Let's hope that the DMV stops this practice immediately. Or, at a minimum, that they consider selling their data to the dm industry. I could make a fortune selling Jenny Craig or Weightwatchers a mailing list of overweight people, of course, as identified on their drivers license.... Hmmm, note to self: Make a call to PennDot.

Just kidding, of course :)

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