Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Says Customer Service Excellence Doesn't Pay Off?

TMCNet recently reported that our good friends (and data partners) at TMone have been recognized on Inc Magazine's Inc 5000's esteemed list of important entrepreneurial companies to watch. Not only that, TMone's 28-year-old CEO, Anthony Marlowe, ranked 18th in this year's list of Top 25 Youngest CEO's. Very impressive!

In case you're not familiar with them, TMCNet reports that "TMone functions through two independent divisions — database marketing and contact center services, delivering state-of-the-art services to their respective industries. The database marketing division offers marketing intelligence for direct mail and calling campaigns, providing its clientele, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 giants, marketing lists, databases, phone appends, and data processing services. The company’s contact center division facilitates advanced in-bound and out-bound conversions, offering companies in communications, direct marketing, and financial services sectors, marketing campaigns incorporated with database and ancillary marketing channels for enhanced market penetration."

While the article gives us a viewpoint on why they believe that TMone has been so successful, we have our own opinion based upon the superior data and customer service that we've experienced when working with TMone. We work directly with Travis Wilming, Senior Sales Manager. Travis is as impressive as they come when it comes to flexibility, data and services knowledge, customer-focus, being proactive and possessing a sense of urgency. We love doing business with him and his company . . . and due to that, we try to find clients who can benefit from utilizing TMone's data and services in their direct marketing strategy.

You may ask why we are so passionate about working with TMone? Well, the answer is simple: They treat us like a valued customer. For those of you who operate in our high-stress, need-the-data-today direct marketing world, you know how terribly difficult it is to find a data partner who truly cares -- truly cares -- about your (or your client's) needs. It seems that many of the data vendors that we deal with (and you can count many of the big data compilers here) care only about the process (i.e., paperwork, pricing, how much they can charge to deliver the file, what are they going to have to do to process the file, etc). Oddly enough, at times, we've felt that it's more of a hassle to bring them a sale than it is a benefit to their bottom line. It's just plain strange.

So, we love working with TMone and will continue to bring our business to them whenever possible. We know that by working with them that we'll be happy, and more importantly, we will consistently exceed our client's expectations in terms of data quality, delivery and overall customer service and satisfaction.

Congratulations to TMone for this esteemed honor! And for those of you who have never worked with them before -- consider it. We can guarantee that you'll be pleased with the experience!

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